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By Dr. Jeffrey R. Wert & Associates
June 18, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Could dental veneers improve the overall look and feel of your smile?

Are you thinking about changing the look of your smile? Thinking about getting dental veneers from your Pocono family dentist? If so, Veneersfind out whether this cosmetic treatment is right for your smile.

What are you looking to change about your smile?

Dental veneers are used to fix a multitude of cosmetic issues. If you suffer from any of these dental flaws then getting dental veneers could greatly improve your smile:

  • Severely stained teeth
  • Crooked or misshapen teeth
  • Minor overlapping or overcrowding
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth

While dental veneers can hide the majority of dental issues, keep in mind that many of these tend to be minor to moderate cases. Dental veneers can be an easier way to get a straighter smile without wearing braces, but don’t expect veneers to be able to properly hide a severe misalignment.

Do you have any of these bad habits?

Do you find yourself biting your nails a lot? Are you known to grind or clench your teeth? If so, then dental veneers might not be right for you. Chronic teeth grinders can actually whittle their teeth down significantly enough that veneers just won’t take.

Furthermore, dental veneers are prone to damage if placed under unnecessary force or pressure, particularly twisting or grinding motions. If you bite your nails often or have been diagnosed with TMJ then talk to your Pocono family dentist about how to combat these issues before getting veneers.

Do you maintain good oral hygiene?

Since dental veneers can only be placed on healthy smiles, your dentist will need to give you a clean bill of health and make sure your smile is free of cavities and gum disease. Your dental responsibilities don’t stop after you get your dental veneers either.

Once you have your veneers on you will want to treat them no differently than regular teeth. After all, decay and gum disease can still form on natural tooth structures and between teeth, so it’s important that you brush and floss regularly to maintain a healthy smile.

Interested in getting dental veneers? The next step is to schedule a consultation with your family dentist in Pocono. Call the office of Dr. Jeffrey R. Wert & Associates to get on the books!