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By Dr. Jeffrey R. Wert & Associates
May 11, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Damaged or broken teeth are never an enjoyable experience. However, they are treatable conditions with the help of your dentist. In dental crownsfact, your dentist can help you repair your tooth and make it appear as though it were as good as new, blending into your smile seamlessly. Dental crowns are versatile and can help dentists perform many tasks. Find out more about dental crowns with Dr. Jeffrey Wert, Dr. Jeremy Olen and Dr. Thomas Hart in Tannersville, PA, and serving the Pocono, PA area.

What can a dental crown do for my smile? 
Thanks to its design and versatility, dental crowns can help your smile in various ways. However, your dentist is the best source of information as to if a dental crown is your best dental option. Dentists use crowns in several scenarios, including to:

  • stabilize a tooth after a large filling, like a root canal
  • improve the appearance of an unsightly, oddly-shaped or discolored tooth
  • cover a dental implant as a tooth replacement option
  • hold a dental bridge in place as a tooth replacement option
  • repair a broken or cracked tooth
  • strengthen a damaged tooth

Why is a dental crown important? 
Dental crowns protect the tooth underneath while allowing the tooth to retain its natural structure. Often, your treatment options in situations such as severe decay may come down to extracting the tooth altogether, leaving behind a gap, and preserving the tooth with a root canal, then using a dental crown over the tooth to protect it. While extraction may seem like the more simple option, extraction leaves behind a gap in your smile, causing bone atrophy which could lead to other side effects like sagging facial skin or premature aging. A dental crown can protect the tooth’s natural structure, allowing its roots to stay intact and decreasing chances of bone atrophy.

Dental Crowns in Tannersville and the Pocono area
If you think you could benefit from a dental crown, you should consult with your dentist to determine if this is the best treatment for you. To learn more about dental crowns, please contact Dr. Wert, Dr. Olen and Dr. Hart in Tannersville, PA, and serving the Pocono, PA, area. Call (570) 629-1570 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!