Teeth Whitening


GLO Science Professional brings together breakthrough science and innovative design in teeth whitening and oral health care. Backed by 18 patents and 8 patents pending, GLO Science is the fastest and easiest way to brighten your smile.

How GLO Works

The patented GLO mouthpiece combines LED light and warming heat in a closed system mouthpiece to activate and accelerate the professional strength hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and prevent whitening oxygens from escaping the teeth. You get a white smile without the sensitivity.

GLO Technology guarantees you the whitest, brightest smile in the dental office and at home. In office treatments are fast. No more impressions or those messy trays. In 32 minutes, your teeth will be whiter and you will be GLOing!



GLO Science Professional Whitening Options


Fast appointments using patented GLO technology with the most dramatic results and little to no sensitivity. Includes the Take Home Kit & GLO Mouthpiece.



Professional GLO technology in the comfort of your own home to use alone or for ongoing maintenance after your in-office whitening appointment.



The newest and easiest way to whiten on the go. Brush on to whiten anytime, anywhere. No strips, no trays, no sensitivity.


Ask us which GLO Science treatment is right for you!


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